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Here, both public and private personas come together. In the public sphere I’m one of those lucky ones who manage to do what they love; teaching and learning from others. On a private level, I love writing; creative writing being closer to my heart than other forms of writing.

I love writing creatively, injecting my pieces with my own identity as an Arab writing in English. English has become a major component of our hybrid identities. We spend half of our day communicating in English. Still we go back to our families and fall back easily to the norm of communicating with them in Arabic. We blend both languages and may assign each to specific areas of our lives. We may state our thoughts, affirm and discuss in English, while we may express our emotions, love and dream in Arabic.



Welcome to my blog:


I wanted to establish a blog, where we can share our free writings on any topic that invokes a reaction in us. I’ve found the blogosphere to be a comfortable medium; a format that is simple yet rich. Thus, I wanted to explore it myself and share it with all of you. Think of it as an independent free space, where we can connect, discuss, and argue, among other things. We are open for all opinions. I don’t believe in red lines, but I do believe in the universality of ethics.



Welcome to the “Creative Writing Journal”:


This is an independent journal and not affiliated with any institution or official body. The idea behind it is to create a formal and independent forum to publish creative writing papers. The journal is edited and maintained by myself, and may in future have an editorial board, with at least one Arabic editor. Papers welcomed in the journal are of creative nature: short stories, self-portraits (autobiographies), observer portraits (biographies), scenic pieces, narrative histories (stories of the past). Also, I welcome literary analyses papers.

Papers will go through an editing process (multiple drafts may be needed before being approved and published in the journal) and the writer needs to use his full name and include a short bio.

I have assigned a section for Arabic writing. Although English has become a major part of our linguistic identity, let us not forget that Arabic, at least for me and those who share the same linguistic experience of bilingualism is a rich beautiful language, and if we can’t find ourselves in Arabic then half of our identities are yet to be discovered!!!

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