Selected Publications


Arab Women in Arab News

This book addresses east-west understandings of Arab women as portrayed through translated media. The vast majority of media studies on Arab women are western-based. They study the effect of western stereotypes in western media depictions of Arab women. There is a vast scholarly literature tracing western stereotypes of Arab women from medieval times to the present. From 1800, the dominant western stereotype of Arab women depicts them as passive and oppressed.


Policy-Making in a Transformative State

This book explores, in a series of detailed case studies, how public policy is actually made in Qatar. While Qatar is a Gulf monarchy, its governance is complex. Other analysts have tried to come to grips with this complexity using qualified descriptions of the system such as ‘late rentier,’ ‘pluralized autocracy,’ ‘tribal democracy,’ or ‘soft authoritarian.’ The authors of the volume use the lens of a transformative state. Qatar is deliberately engaged in a rapid process of radical economic and societal transformation.


The Writer’s Craft

The book is a collection of essays that have been written by students for a course that I have been teaching for the past five years in Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar.

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